Information system for use in domestic water management

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วรวิทย์ ลีลาวรรณ
ประยุทธ์ นิสภกุล
หฤทภัค อภิรัตน์


National Hydroinformatics Data Center has created an information system for use in water management in Thailand. The organization has classified categories of information for use in planning. And analyze data for
decision making. Information of each aspect such as rain maps, weather conditions, storm paths, large reservoirs in the country and water consumption information It is used as a database to predict future water content. Learning
how to access information and knowing the importance of the information presented is important for its usefulness.

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ลีลาวรรณ ว. , นิสภกุล ป. and อภิรัตน์ ห. 2020. Information system for use in domestic water management. Journal of Bansomdej Engineering and Industrial Technology. 1, 2 (Dec. 2020), 96–101.
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