Universities for the 21st Century: meeting the changing needs of a new generation of students


  • Jamie Wallin Professor, Rangsit University, Thailand, and Professor Emeritus, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada


In this age of globalization the quality of a university’s degree programmes is looming to be of greater importance than in times past-especially from the point of view of students-and, indeed, society.

Rangsit University, as a private university in Thailand, is a case in point. The President, Dr. Arthit Ourairat, is always very clear about the importance of quality. At his annual address to faculty and staff he invites all members to continue their work toward enhancing the quality of course offerings, of teaching, and of students’ welfare. His dream is that Rangsit will one day soon be ranked in Asia’s top tier universities.

However, such a dream may be difficult to realize in many Asian countries. Typically Asian universities have little or no autonomy to be different in their quest for greatness. There seems to be a reluctance by governments in allowing individuality and entrepreneurship among their institutions of higher learning.


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