Oxidation of toluene by Pt/Co3O4-CeO2 catalyst prepared from pulverized cerium oxide


  • Kenichiro Inoue Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute, 2-4-10, Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0064, Japan
  • Shoichi Somekawa Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute, 2-4-10, Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0064, Japan


carbon deposition, cerium oxide, Co3O4-CeO2, platinum, pulverization, toluene


We prepared Pt/Co3O4-CeO2 catalyst from pulverized cerium oxide, and evaluated the catalytic oxidation activity for toluene.  Pulverization in a ball mill reduced the median diameter of the cerium oxide particles from 23.3 μm to 0.415 μm.  Although the oxidation temperature of toluene hardly changed, even with pulverization of the cerium oxide, the deposition of carbon on the catalyst surface was reduced.  The dispersibility of platinum on the surface after pulverization did not differ significantly from the case without pulverization.  However, the pulverization increased the total external surface area of the cerium oxide particles from 0.66 m2 g–1 to 16.7 m2 g–1, and increased the contact area between the coke deposited on the surface and the cerium oxide, which influences soot combustion.  Consequently, it is thought that the coke, which is unburned carbon like soot, became more oxidizable on the pulverized cerium oxide.


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