Hot carrier effects on real and imaginary parts of Brillouin susceptibilities of semiconductor magneto-plasmas


  • Pinki Kumari Department of Physics, Lords University, Chikani, Alwar – 301028 (Rajasthan) India
  • B.S. Sharma Department of Physics, Lords University, Chikani, Alwar – 301028 (Rajasthan) India


Brillouin susceptibility, hot carrier effects, laser-plasma interactions, magnetic field, semiconductor magneto-plasmas


An analytical investigation is made of hot carrier effects on real and imaginary parts of Brillouin susceptibility (Re (cB), Im (cB)) of semiconductor magneto-plasmas.  Coupled mode approach is used to obtain expressions for (Re (cB) and Im (cB)).  Numerical calculations are made for n–InSb crystal – CO2 laser system.  Efforts are made to obtain enhanced values of (Re (cB) and Im (cB))as well as change of their sign under appropriate selection of external magnetic field (B0) and doping concentration (n0).  The hot carrier effects of intense laser radiation modifies the momentum transfer collision frequency of carriers and consequently the nonlinearity of the medium, which in turn (i) further enhances (Re (cB) and Im (cB)), (ii) shifts the enhanced (Re (cB) and Im (cB)) towards smaller values of B0, and (iii) widens the range of B0 at which change of sign of (Re (cB) and Im (cB)) occur.  The change of sign of enhanced (Re (cB) and Im (cB)) of semiconductor magneto-plasmas validates the possibility of chosen Brillouin medium as a potential candidate material for the fabrication of stimulated Brillouin scattering dependent widely tunable and efficient optoelectronic devices such as optical switches and frequency converters.


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