Simple coating of zinc powder on foam tape based on a downscaling procedure for nitrate determination in vegetable samples


  • Narong Kotchabhakdi Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences, Lampang Rajabhat Lampang University, Lampang 52100, Thailand


downscaling, Griess reaction, nitrate determination, nitrate reduction, zinc powder


Zinc-Coated Foam Tape (ZCFT) was combined with the Griess reagent for nitrate determination.  A portable chip of zinc powder coating was applied to double-sided PU foam tape with side dimensions of 1x1 cm and approximately 7.7 ± 0.4 mg of zinc.  The linear range of the proposed method was 2-10 mg L-1, and the obtained percent of nitrate reduction was 23-25%.  The real sample application was studied in the determination of nitrate in vegetable samples.  The results showed good agreement with the reference method (the NitraVer®5 nitrate reagent powder pillows).  Simple detection can be set up using a digital microscope with the ImageJ program for image processing and evaluation.  The proposed method, which offers the advantages of simple operation and low cost, can be used as rapid test kit to monitor the nitrate residue in vegetables. 


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