Vesicular drug delivery systems for the fungal infections’ treatment through topical application-a systemic review


  • Tushar Rukari Department of Pharmaceutics, SNJB's Shriman Suresh Dada Jain College of Pharmacy, Chandwad, Maharashtra 423101, India. & Department of Pharmaceutics, Yashwantrao Bhonsale College of Pharmacy, Sawantwadi, Maharashtra 416510, India.
  • Prashant Pingale Department of Pharmaceutics, M. S. Gosavi College of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Vidyanagar, College Road, Nashik 422005, India.
  • Chandrashekhar Upasani Department of Pharmacology, SNJB's Shriman Suresh Dada Jain College of Pharmacy, Chandwad, Maharashtra 423101, India.



bilosomes, cubosomes, ethosomes, liposomes, niosomes, sphingosomes, ufasomes


In this systemic review, we tried to explore and summarize the Vesicular Drug Delivery Systems (VDDSs) which can exclusively used for topical applications in the treatment of fungal infections. The specific algorithm is developed for this systemic review, exclusion criteria for the review were set and results were excluded which were meets the exclusion criteria. To build a review, Google Scholar® and PubMed® are two databases that are targeted so that we can collect the number of freely available full-text articles and can minimize the risk of bias (unavailability of full-text articles, for this study). By adopting the algorithm, searched articles were studied thoroughly and we found that thirteen types of VDDS were used by the researchers to treat skin infections caused by fungi in the last five years. From this current systemic review, we found a numbers of VDDSs are available for skin fungal infection, but all are not suitable for topical applications because of some drawbacks associated with some VDDS such as instability (Emulsomes), high cost of manufacturing (Sphingosomes), low transfer efficiency (Aquasomes), etc. As per the data analysed, we can say that; Liposomes, Ethosomes, Niosomes, Bilosomes, Cubosomes, and Ufasomes are the choices of researchers as VDDS in the therapy of different fungal diseases. Upcoming researchers can focus on these VDDSs in the treatment of infections spread on the skin by the fungi.


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